Checking Your Address for FM Radio

Signal analysis toolHave you ever wondered what FM signals are being broadcast in your area?  Well, here's a tool that can analyze your location to help determine what broadcasts might be available in your neighborhood.

This tool can help answer questions like

 - Which broadcasters are transmitting locally? 
 - How far are the transmitters from me?
 - Which direction should I point my antenna?
 - How strong are the signals in my area? 

If you'd like to test your location, then...

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Note: If you would like additional information, you can also check out the Signal Analysis FAQ.

Complete Collection of Transmitter Icons
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Mt. Wilson transmitters over Los Angeles

Here is a file that contains all the FM transmitters in the FCC database converted to Google Earth format.  It will let you visualize the location of all the transmitters relative to your home and you can even learn a few things about them by clicking on their icon.

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